For seven years, the ITSpot site has been providing an effective communication channel with Teachers and Administrators that deliveries a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) for the Educational and Enterprise Software we use with our Students District-Wide. This site not only supply educators with helping materials and solving Frequent Asking Questions,  but also a place to get training for enhancing the technical skills of teachers and administrators in Harmony.  New Teachers and administrators will find solutions and great cheat sheets and shortcuts to handle and understand the software and hardware that students use every day in our classrooms. The IT Spot is a great place to find answers to technology questions through a Knowledge Base that is connected with our Help Desk System to provide IT support and solutions to Harmony's personnel.


Martin Nunez - Digital Learning & Help Desk Director

Martin began his career at Education in Texas in 2003. He brought 12 years of experience in IT and Banking fields from Colombia, his native country. During his role as Math Teacher and Technology Coach in Houston, TX, he always sees technology as a great tool to encourage students to learn and grow as good citizens. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Certified in Technology Applications from Texas A&M,  ITILv3, LoTi Technology Framework Evaluator and Computer Technician A+ from CompTIA.  He has 25 years of experience in customer service and Technology and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. This experience empowers him to find every day something new and challenging, motivating teachers, students, and administrators for using Technology not only in the classroom but also beyond School boundaries. We are lifetime learners.

When not at work, Martin loves spending time with his wife and his 2 daughters. Also, enjoys watching and playing Soccer, traveling around the world and hanging out with friends.


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