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  • What is iRead?   iRead is a digital foundational reading program designed to close the achievement gap early and place ALL K-2 children on a predictable path to reading proficiently by Grade 3.

  • District Coverage?  K-2nd ELA Grades.

  • Is it Single Sign-On Ready? Yes!. All students/teachers should log in through My Harmony Portal with their QR Code Badges and then click on IRead Icon. If the SSO system is having problems, teachers and students can manually log in here.

  • Does it need any software installed on PC computers? No. It is web-based. For Ipad/Android tablet it is required to install the iRead app. Click here to watch a video about how to install it on an IPAD.

  • What is the iRead URL for tablet configuration or direct access on web browser? 


  • I cannot get access to iRead!!. Please make sure you log in through My Harmony Portal.

  • Got this Student Error?  "No products available. Please ask your teacher for help". To solve this, please follow the steps on the below video:


  • Black Screen on a browser? It is a web browser setting issue. Click here to read how to solve your problem.

  • How to add students to iRead? There is no need to add/delete students.  iRead is Synced daily with the campus database. However, if a teacher has a new student, he/she still need to activate the product. For instructions, click here

  • What is SAM web? A site for Teacher to manage classrooms and students

  • The IRead program seems stuck and does not load?  For Chrome browser: Click here for solving it
    For Firefox: Follow the below 3 steps


  • If you have any type of specific error with students, please contact HMH support Team at 888-918-6158.

firefox fix flash.jpg