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My Harmony Portal   is our new a secure pipeline that automates the login process of administrators, teachers, and students to access Applications across Harmony Public Schools. This enables continuously updated roster information, provisioning accounts and access to applications permitting the users to get access without having to handle different usernames and passwords. This school year, Students and teachers after login to My Harmony Portal, they will see the Clever Icon and other applications. These icons have access to Educational Software. This is the link to My Harmony Portal:


  • PreK-5th Grades
    Students should use the new QR code to log in to My Harmony Portal: If students do not have access to devices with a camera, they can log in with the username and password defined on the credentials link on this page.

  • 6th-12th Grades
    Students should claim the account following the steps shown in the below resources section. They will set up their own password and security questions to recover it. There is an exception for students with disabilities. Their teacher can print QR codes for them, following steps described in the section Printing QR codes below.

  • What is a QR Code Badge?  It is the perfect way for elementary students to get access to educational applications without having trouble typing or remembering complex passwords. A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by a computer/mobile camera. An example is shown below


  • First, all employees should claim the account following steps here. They will set up their own password and security questions to recover. Once they log in they will have access to applications based on their type of employee. Example: Teacher with a schedule in Skyward will have the Clever icon on My Harmony Portal Dashboard to access educational applications.

  • Using Google Authenticator (Video)

 Claiming Accounts PDF Guides  (This info is only for Harmony employees):

  • For Staff

  • For Students Prk-5th: There is no need to claim. They still use username and password

  • For Students 6th-12th: Click here to read instructions

Printing QR Code Badges PDF Guides:

Parameters for Students
QR Code.png
Parameters for Staff members
  • Click on the icon below to get access to Parameters & Credentials (You need to sign in order to get access to this secure information)

  • How Teachers can troubleshoot student's login

  • For which grades are the QR Badges?  QR Badges are for Grades K-5th. Secondary students should use their traditional login method as it is more secure than a printed-out badge. Teachers can Print QR codes only for Special ed students in Secondary if they are marked in Skyward.

  • How do I help my student log in to My Harmony Portal?
    If a student forgot password, the Delegated person at the campus can reset it.  Instructions are here .

  • Why do some Teachers do not have access to clever?  Clever system is now only accessible through our new Harmony Portal . Please login first on this portal and then click on Clever icon to get access to Educational Applications. Also, Clever is synchronized with the School Database. Teachers need a schedule and email address on file in Skyward. 

  • How do I log in to My Harmony Portal on mobile devices?
    Open Browser and type

  • How do I fix inaccurate classroom data in a program?
    All data in Clever and My Harmony Portal comes directly from Local campus database. Therefore, inaccurate rosters in the learning program (such as missing students, or students who should’ve been unenrolled), are often mistakes within the Database, which are then synced to Clever and shared with applications. Please contact first your Registrar to check inconsistencies.

  • Problems when saving as a favorite in chrome browser? Once you save it, go to the bookmark, right click on it and edit the URL to be the exact as this one