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  • District Coverage?  6th-8th Grades.

  • Is it Clever Ready? Yes.

  • Does it need any software installed on computers? No. It is a web-based program. Student logs in through the HPS Clever Portal.

  • Clever QR Code Badges problems?  Teachers are only able to generate badges for grades K-6. Clever encourages older grades (7+) to use their traditional login methods (i.e. inputting credentials) as they are more secure than a printed-out badge. For more info on clever, click here

  • District Support? Please submit a ticket through the Harmony Help Desk. An Instructional Coach will support campuses.

  • How to troubleshoot MYON if you are a District Coach? Please, watch the training session below.


  • Technical Support?  please contact MyON support Team at  888-728-1266. or

  • Sales Support? Contact Ms. Linda Bessner

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