Summer School Program June 2020



  • Summer School Educational Software is only  for Pre-K and K students

  • Summer School starts June 1st. 2020

  • Student Credentials:  Username: Student ID Number and Password registered here.

  • Teacher's Credentials: Username and Password registered here.

  • They should access the program by visiting this website. Click on the icon below or on the following link:




iRead Icon on HPS Portal.jpg



  • What Grade Levels have access to IRead Summer School? PreK and K

  • How to log in to IRead?: Only through the IT Spot (The link is posted on this page). The Icon in the Harmony Portal is only for the regular School Year.

  • I cannot Log in. Now what? Make sure you are using the access link mentioned above. This link is only a unique URL for Harmony  Public Schools. Please, do not use the IRead icon form My Harmony Portal.

  • I have a new student. How to add him/her to my class?  Please, log in as a Teacher and follow the instructions described here.

  • How to add a new teacher to IRead or do you have any other question? You need to submit a ticket in The Help Desk. Log in to My Harmony Portal, click on the Help Desk icon and create a ticket by typing "iread" on the search box as shown below.

Create ticket.png