Virtual Graduation Ceremonies





  • What company does what with the virtual commencement?

    • MarchingOrder does the student data and video collection, name recording, and passes everything to StageClip to create student clips

    • StageClip creates the clips, accepts video assets (e.g. speeches) and compiles a full Virtual Ceremony Program

  • If a school or a student has a technical question, whom do I contact? School administrators should contact and with any questions. You should be contacted within 48 hours.
    If students are having any technical issues they should contact: or


  • How I can calculate the time needed to prepare the virtual ceremony?  Use this time Calculator

  • What are the key deadlines that I need to be aware of?

    • 34+ days before the ceremony is recommended for configuring your website and uploading your list of graduates, giving them time to provide pronunciation guidance before recording begins

    • 28 days before the ceremony is the last day to add students to the ceremony

    • 21 days before the ceremony is last day for students to submit videos, slides, and name enunciation

    • 14 days before the ceremony is the last day to submit graduation speech videos

    • 9 days before the ceremony is the last day to remove students from the ceremony

  • What happens on the day of the ceremony?  
    Students and their loved ones will go to a website hosted by StageClip and that will allow them to experience a communal moment while they all watch the ceremony all at once. They will be able to view their personal slides and clips and hear their names announced either as part of the video presentation or individually by searching the slides

  • Where will the virtual ceremony be hosted?
    Your ceremony will be hosted on YouTube Premiere and a link will be provided to you to share with attendees.


  • How do I add or remove additional students from the ceremony? Please contact MarchingOrder and StageClip if you need to add students or remove students.

  • How do I upload my ceremony videos?
    StageClip will send a link where videos can be submitted

  • How will graduates access the Virtual Ceremony website?  StageClip will send a link where students can access their content

  • Whom can I contact on the day of graduation for technical support? 

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