Zoom Videoconferencing Tool

General Guidelines

Effective use of videoconferencing technology tools for interactive learning requires practice and planning as well as attention to a few important guidelines and best practices. The document (linked below ) has been designed to help you to activate new student accounts and use videoconferencing technology effectively to facilitate Distance Learning to our students if needed. 

Zoom General features:

Important Notice: New Students need first to activate the Zoom account via email before using it. Check the Zoom Guidelines above for a step-by-step procedure.

  1. Can be used for Synchronous and  Asynchronous Lesson. Teachers can record a class or tutorial in the cloud or on the local computer and then send the link of the recording or post it on Schoology.

  2. To review settings and Zoom management, click here

  3. Users can be pushed to be registered before joining a meeting.

  4. The service allows you to host meetings with up to 300 participants with recording. For more details click here.

  5. To log in, please use this link: https://harmonytx.zoom.us/

  6. Test your audio and webcam before your conference begins: https://zoom.us/test.

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Zoom video Resources

 Zoom - Beginners Tutorial

Using Zoom features for online learning  

Setting up a class in Zoom

Recording a Zoom Class/Meeting

How to Share Recorded Zoom Videos

Save Zoom Recording to Google Drive

How Find / Manage Your Zoom Recordings

How to Use Zoom with Schoology

How to enable Breakout Rooms

How to use Breakout rooms in Zoom for Teaching and learning


Frequent Asking Questions

  • Do the new students need to activate the zoom account before its use? Yes. Once the new student clicks on the Zoom icon on the Harmony Portal, the Zoom system will send an activation email to the students’ email. For grades PreK- 2nd parents can help the students to open their email and click on the button for activation. For grades 3rd-12th, students can do it themselves. Check these Guidelines for a step-by-step. 

  • Do the Breakout Rooms work in Chromebooks? Yes. Harmony has pushed the Zoom Extension to all devices. Make sure it is updated

  • Can participants use the whiteboard or annotation feature on Chromebooks?  No. Please review the features for Windows vs Chrome OS here

  • How many participants do the Zoom Harmony Accounts can have? Up to 100 or 300 depending on the type of license. If you have questions about this, submit a ticket through our Help Desk.

  • How to log in to my Harmony Zoom Account? Click here to log in

  • Can I use Cloud Recording in Zoom? Yes. However, after 14 days all recordings in the cloud expired and they will be deleted automatically. Make sure you download them or you can record them on the local computer and then uploaded them in Google Drive. Click here to watch the video. 

  • How to change the Sign-in email in my account? Click here to find steps

  • How to take attendance with Zoom? Click here to watch the video

  • Which video tools can use to edit videos? Click here to see the suggested apps.

  • I cannot add a person as Co-host for my zoom, now what? All co-hosts need to be licensed members of Harmony.  Make sure the Co-host has a paid account. 

  • How to allow an Educational Guest to a teacher's class? ACP programs or University personnel sometimes need to have access to classes. To enable access please take into account these facts:
    1. We add only domains to the white list, so the person who needs to access the class has to have an organization domain in the email. Example: Jhon.smith@esc4.net. We cannot accept domains such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com gmail.com, etc.
    2. Create a Help Desk Ticket requesting Zoom access with the email of the target person.


  • Can I add Phone numbers to call into my Zoom Classes/Meetings? No. By Harmony Policy, Toll numbers are disabled preventing Zoombombing. Please use the Google Meet phone option for Parent /orientation/conferences if you need to use the phone access. Watch this video to review the procedure.

  • My students cannot rename themselves or change Virtual Backgrounds. These features are disabled by Harmony Policy to prevent Zoombombing.

  • I cannot find my cloud recordings of Zoom. Keep in mind that the storage for Zoom Recordings is not unlimited. All recordings will be deleted automatically after 15 days. If you are using the cloud, make sure you download the videos and save them on your local computer or upload them on Google Drive.

  • A Student having the error: "The meeting is for internal-only. Please sign in with your company account to join." or "The Meeting is for authorized attendees only" Please click here for troubleshooting this error. If this issue persists, please clean the cache or/and re-enroll Chromebook if needed.

How to add a domain on Zoom gif .mp4.gif

How to add a domain (District Admin Only)

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  • A student is having the error: “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”! Please click here for troubleshooting this error. If this issue persists, please clean the cache or/and re-enroll Chromebook if needed.

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  • I cannot log in to Zoom. The system shows the below errors: you need to always log in first to My Harmony Portal. Then, click on the Zoom Icon before starting or joining any meeting.

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  • Some students are getting the “Connecting” Message stuck in Chromebooks: Make sure students are authenticating first through My Harmony Portal. If the problem persists, close that window at the top right with the “X”, then on the page, that's behind that window, click on the “Join from your Browser” option as it is shown below. it should let the user in.


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