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This page will provide helpful information and resources about repair and warranty within Chromebooks, the working modes, guides, tutorials and  materials, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions

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Working on Laptop
Repair and Warranty
Starting 2019-2020 Dell Chromebooks come with 4 years manufacturer product warranty and Accidental Coverage (Trinity). For Chromebooks acquired in (2018) only devices listed here have a warranty.  We do not have any insurance coverage for the other items such as Lenovo Chromebooks.

To get an account for Warranty Claim Portal, use the contact information listed on the portal linked below


Working Modes

1. Kiosk Mode: Kiosk Mode is a feature in Chrome that allows the device to be used in a single-window/single-app kiosk mode. Essentially, it locks away access to the rest of the device. In Kiosk Mode, users are locked onto a single, full-screen Chrome App that they can't change or exit. Harmony has some default apps in this mode. Students can use Chromebooks in Kiosk mode by clicking the Apps link. No sign-in is required in this mode. (See example below)

Kiosk Mode.webp
  • Request a website/extension to be unblocked/authorized to install 
    Teachers need to submit a ticket using the HPS Help Desk System, under  Chromebook Extension (app) /  Unblock Website, Category. This request will be reviewed and authorized upon approval from the Academic/Information Department.

  • How to wipe a Chromebook If a device shows an error with different users, we suggest wiping and re-enroll

  • How to Enroll a Chromebook. This procedure will load the OS with Harmony settings New!

  • How to recover the Chromebook OS.  This procedure will fix Fix the "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" error

  • Troubleshooting Chromebook kicking students out from applications & Wi-Fi network.

  • I do not see applications pushed yet.   Type chrome://policy and then click on Reload policies button. Also, update Chrome OS to the latest version.

  • Is Chromebook OS crashing or restarting often? Please follow these steps to reset the sync. Click here.
    There are more options to reset sync:
    1. You can Chrome Sync the student Gmail on a PC. Remove the user account from that Chromebook, restart and add the user account again.
    2. Try using a Network Cable.
    3. Click on the button below


  • Chrome Devices are disconnected from WiFi? Here are the troubleshooting steps.

  • Some Keys on Chromebook do not work. Before you bring the Chromebook to IT, please try the following:
    For most Chromebooks, follow the steps below


  • Problems with screen resolution?  See 3 options:
    1. Ctrl + Shift on the keyboard, then either the plus sign or minus.
    2. Go to the Chrome OS Settings>Manage Accessibility Features>Open Display Device Settings, and then set the resolution to 100% (Native).
    3.  For Testing apps (NWEA), reset the screen resolution with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 0 (zero), then close and relaunch the testing app. For more information, see Zoom in or magnify your Chromebook screen. 

    Screen Resolution fix for Chromebook
    Screen Resolution fix for Windows

  • Problems with Pop-ups in Chrome? Check this video to learn how to troubleshoot it.

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