New teacher experience 2020

Using the new teacher experience provides:


A simplified navigation experience

Access curated sequences and browse curriculum more easily


Faster and more flexible access to your classes

Drag and drop assigning and fewer steps to enroll students


Intuitive functionality with assigning curriculum

Manage enrollment, assignments, and grades with confidence

New Teacher Experience.jpg


  • District Coverage?: Harmony uses this program for K-8th Grades.  

  • Required Install software? No. It is an online resource for students.

  • Is it Clever Ready? Yes. All users (Students, Teachers, and Staff) need to log in first into My Harmony Portal, then click on Clever icon. 

  • Integration?:  Campus database is synchronized with Learning.com every night. If the campus has one new student/teacher, once they are entered in the School database, new student/teacher will appear the next day on the Learning.com system.

  • Adding students manually?:  Teachers do not need to add or delete students. Make sure they are in Skyward.

  • Gradebook hanging? Please, clear your browser's cache. Steps are here


  • Troubleshooting tips

  • Contact Support Team: It is available to help you weekdays from 8am - 8pm EST. 800.580.4640 x2 email us at: support@learning.com

  • Live Chat 

    Have anymore Questions? Please create a Help Desk ticket here choosing the Learning.com  category.