STEMscopes is a digital science solution for K-12th grade students. Born from the lab and penned by the hands of expert teachers, STEMscopes has always had its ear to the ground, taking in feedback, best practices, and the latest pedagogy to develop the most effective STEM curriculum. The curriculum is supported by STEMcoach, a professional development portfolio offering a free STEM community that allows teachers to share best practices and lessons while learning from experts in the field, embedded professional development within the program, and onsite launch, advanced & coaching and mentoring sessions.


  • District Coverage: K-12 Grades. 

  • Is it Clever Ready? No.

  • How we can access it? First, login through My Harmony Portal, then, click on the Stem Scopes icon in the Portal

  • Required Install software? No. It is a web-based application.

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