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How to create a ticket in the Help Desk.
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Harmony uses a web-based platform to provide effective support to our employees. This site provides end-users and agents useful information to review how to use our Help Desk System.  For our 2020-2021 School year, the HPS Help Desk System will support about 240 categories District-Wide. This System is only for Harmony Employees. 






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  • Target users: All Harmony Employees only

  • How to access the Help Desk: All users need to log in first through My Harmony Portal

  • How to create a ticket? Check this video

  • What Categories are supported by the Help Desk? Click here to see them

  • How long does it take for a ticket to expire? two (2) business days. 

  • How to use the new smart button for solving or pausing my ticket? Watch this video

  • How to Resolve and close a ticket?  check this video to learn about it.

  • I created a ticket and it is assigned to me. Now what?  Depending on the category of a ticket, the user can be a customer and agent at the same time. In this case, the agent needs to collaborate with the District Office or Central office agents if needed. Watching this video will help you what to do.

  • How to escalate a ticket? check these steps to review how to do it.

  • Can we reject a ticket? We prefer to recategorize a ticket instead of rejecting it. Watching this video will help you what to do.

  • How to report absences in the Help Desk? Click here to know to do it.


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