Studies Weekly   Studies Weekly is an exciting and interactive way to get your students K-5th engaged with learning social studies! This Program simplifies the integration of Social Studies with Language Arts to help teachers make a Learn live! difference. Studies Weekly standards-based curriculum applies a Balanced Literacy approach to education. The combination of printed weekly units and web-based primary source media, audio reader, and other features creates a high level of Student Engagement.  This software is an extension of the Paper-based resource our Harmony Students (K-5th) currently have.



  • District Coverage: K-5th  Social Studies

  • Required Install software? No. It is a web based application.

  • How to add Students/Teachers ? There is no need to add them manually. Studies Weekly is synchronized with School Database through Clever. Only Teachers with a schedule will be able to use this program.

  • When students can use this resource online? It can be used on Computer teacher time when they finish their assignment or/and at home.

  • Knowledge base and F.A.Q

    Have anymore Questions? Please create a Help Desk ticket here choosing the Studies Weekly category.

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