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Schoology Learning

Schoology is a Learning Management System, social networking service, and virtual learning environment for K 12 schools that allows users to create, manage and share academic content.  In Harmony, Schoology Learning offers class rostering and grade syncs with Skyward (Our Database). This app is now part of PowerSchool Unified Classroom Solution.

New to Schoology? Learn the Basics 
How to Sync your Grades in Schoology
How to: Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting in Schoology
Schoology Cohort 1.jpg
Schoology Training - Cohort 1
Schoology Cohort 2.jpg
Schoology Training - Cohort 2
Schoology Cohort 3.jpg
Schoology Training - Cohort 3

Click on the icon below to get access to Parameters & Credentials (Sign in required to get access to this secure information)

  • District Coverage:   All Harmony K-12 System 

  • Do I need a username and password to log in to Schoology? No. Schoology is now a Single Sign-On system. All users will click on the Schoology Icon at My Harmony Portal. 

  • Is it Required to Install software?  For Windows and Apple computers it is not.  It is a web-based program. For Android and iOS Devices, an app is recommended.

  • What to do when syncing to Skyward doesn’t work? Check this Schoology Grading Checklist

  • Issues with access or using Schoology with other apps? Please visit  this F.A.Q's document  for Harmony Educators 

  • Do you need help creating courses in Schoology? Please check out this Guide for HPS Training HUB 

  • PowerSchool Support for Schoology Learning

  • Have any more Questions? Please create a Help Desk ticket here choosing the Schoology category.

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