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ED (K-12th Grades)

  • Into Literature is for 6-12

  • Into Reading is for K-5


Teacher Support

Admin Support

  • How to activate products?  Click here to watch video



  • District Coverage?:
    * ThinkCentral (GoMath) for Elementary
    * Holt for 6th-8th Math, Science, Chemistry,
    Biology, French, Physics, World, and US History
    * ED:  Into Reading is for K-5,  Into Literature is for 6-12th.


  • Required Install software? No. It is an online resource for students.

  • How to Troubleshoot HMH accounts at the Campus & District Level? Watch the webinar below


  • Are ThinkCentral, Holt & ED is integrated with Single Sign-On?  Yes. All students and teachers should log in through My harmony Portal at Then, click on either the Thinkcentral/HMH/Ed icon on the Dashboard.

  • Skyward Integration?  Yes.  All HMH products are synchronized with Skyward. Only Teachers with schedules in Skyward have access to HMH products.

  • Adding students manually?:  Teachers do not need to add or delete students. Make sure they are in the School database.

  • I do not see my products. You need to activate them. Check the left pane resources on how to activate the products.

  • Login Website stocked in one specific District that is not Harmony? Please delete cache browser cookies. Click here for the Chrome browser.

  • If a teacher/student has problems with HMH apps, before reporting the problem or creating a help desk ticket, make sure the following 3 items:

    • 1.   The teacher has a schedule in Skyward and has assigned students to his/her schedule

    • 3.   All students have a TSDS Unique ID in Skyward. If not, contact your Registrar.

    • 3.   The teacher is logging through the new portal

    • 4.   Admins/Coaches must log with the campus admin Credentials, not through My Harmony Portal.

  • More help? Please click here

  • Contact the Support team at 1 (800) 323-9239

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