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Performance Matters

PowerSchool Performance Matters (PM) is a comprehensive assessment solution built to identify unfinished learning and inform whole-child instruction.  PM Analytics guides teacher instructions using uniquely relevant performance reporting, and measures outcomes with data-driven insights that reflect the impact on student outcomes.


Allow educators to author and administer assessments that provide real-time insights to inform instruction.

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Leverage the Power School Item and Assessment Bank to get the insights you need without dedicating time to creating content from scratch.


Easily and securely create and share reports with your staff so that they can spend more time focusing on their students’ success.


Utilize pre-made CASEL-aligned SEL surveys and compare this data to additional measures as you work to identify at-risk students. 

  • Performance matters Overview 

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  • Enhanced Ability to build and score assessments

  • Unsurpassed Analitics: 

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Teachers Resources
  • Benefits Overview -- Learn how districts can identify unfinished learning and accelerate learning gains for all students. Click here

  • Superior Security for Shared Reports:  Administrators can create reports centrally and share them via a customized, password-protected URL. Reports automatically filter based on that user’s unique role and permissions. Click Here

  • My dashboard (Video 3:38m)

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  • How to get started in Performance matters? Click here to access the essential information.

  • How to navigate in Performance matters? Click here to see the menu options and features on your PM home page.

Administrators Resources
  • Administrator Dashboard

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  • PM Resource Group: If you have the access code, click here, otherwise contact your administrator for assistance.

Click on the icon below to get access to Parameters & Credentials (Sign in required to get access to this secure information)

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