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Lexia is a structured literacy expert. Through a singular focus on literacy and a full spectrum of solutions to support it, Lexia helps more learners read, write, and speak with confidence. Harmony uses Lexia products for grades 3rd-12th. We use Core5 and PowerUp products.

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  • District Coverage?  Powerup is a literacy acceleration for those who are at risk of not meeting College- and Career-Ready Standards for grades 6-12.  Core5 provides support for students in 3rd through grade 5.

  • Does it need any software installed on computers? No. It is web-based.

  • It is Clever ready? Yes

  • I do not see the Lexia icon for my new student In Clever. How to fix this issue? Please make sure the Skyward person at the campus marks the student with EB in the Special Programs section. Once the student is marked, the next business day the Lexia icon will be accessible in Clever. 

  • FAQ topics and help center

  • If you have any type of specific error within the app with students, please contact the Lexia Support team  at 1-800-507-2772 

  • Have any more Questions? Please create a Help Desk ticket here choosing the Lexia category.

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