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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has an effective video conferencing meeting tool where participants can hold meetings and collaborate with one another. MS Teams is an important resource for educators to facilitate distance learning.

All Harmony Employees will have the software already installed on their computers. 
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Quick Video Trainings:

Create a Teams meeting using the Google calendar

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  Syncing Teams Add-on with Google

How to create a meeting in Teams
Video 1:43 minutes

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How to change the background and other tips - Video 2:18 minutes

Joining a Meeting - Video 1:34 minutes

Sharing screen - Video 1minute

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  • How to enable MS Teams add-on for Google calendar? Click here

  • Where are my recordings in Teams? Recordings from meetings are stored in your OneDrive. To learn more please click here.

  • How to schedule A Teams meeting from Google calendar? See step-by-step instructions here

  • Why can't I see the start/stop recording button?
    Make sure that you're trying to record a meeting and not a 1:1 call.


  • Do Teams offer a Webinar? Yes, users can schedule a webinar, create a registration form for the participants. For more information Click here

  • Can I add a co-host to a meeting? Yes. it is called co-organizer. Click here for more information

  • Missing a meeting invite? Watch the video below to learn how to manually send a Teams meeting link.

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