GoGuardian is a software installed on students Chromebooks that help Harmony schools easily manage their devices, better understand their students, and keep them safer online. Also, includes the module called GoGuardian for Teachers, a classroom management tool designed for Chromebooks. The goal of GoGuardian for Teachers is to help keep students on-task and away from inappropriate content. Harmony uses this software for all students and teachers.



  • District Coverage: All Students and Teachers. Campus staff will be able to see all campus students for their campus only.

  • What is the website login? Here it is GoGuardian web

  • Required Install software? No. The GoGuardian Extension is already installed in all Chromebooks.

  • Forgot your password? recover your password through the GoGuardian web by clicking 'Forgot Password' and entering your Harmony email.

  • Troubleshooting GoGuardian Video

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  • More questions or having an issue?. Login through My Harmony Portal and the click in the Blue HPS Help Desk System. Type in the Search Box "GoGuardian" and send us a ticket.