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Clever   is a secure pipeline that automates the secure transfer of student rosters to Educational Software. This enables continuously updated roster information in learning programs.  All students and teachers with a schedule in Skyward should access Clever through My Harmony Portal.


  • Clever overview 
    Clever Instant Login allows teachers and students to access all of the learning applications they use throughout the school day. All students should log in first through My Harmony Portal and then click on the Clever Icon as shown below:


  • What are QR code Badges?  This School year, K-5th students will use My Harmony Portal QR codes. For more information click here.

  • What are Teacher's pages in Clever? Teachers can create a customized page within clever to their students. They can have resources available to only their classrooms. Click here for instructions.

Helping Materials
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  • Click on the icon below to get access to Parameters & Credentials (You need to sign in order to get access to this secure information)

  • Clever QR Codes are the same as My Harmony Portal Badges?  No.  K-5th Students will use only My Harmony Portal Badges.  Please, do not use Clever badges. For more information click here.

  • Why some Teachers cannot log on in Clever?  Clever is synchronized with School Database. The teacher needs a schedule and email address on file in Skyward.

  • Troubleshooting Clever at the Campus and District Level.  Please watch the video below: